Eco Green Auto Clean Saves You a Lot of Trouble (And the Planet From a lot of Harm)

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Rumor has it that a waterless car wash is the thing to try these days. And they are not far from the truth. If you know how to wisely choose your product, cleaning your car can turn you into a fanatic ecologist. Here’s why Eco Green Auto Clean is among the newest positive discoveries.

For those of you who don’t know this, a waterless car wash is basically a high lubricity pre-mixed spray detailer that is used to heavily saturate a panel so that one can carefully wipe any dirt or road grime off, therefore obtaining a dry shine. 

Nevertheless, if the car is extremely dirty, waterless cleaning might turn into a nightmare, lasting close to forever. In other words, waterless washes should only be used on vehicles with light dirt accumulation. This new way of cleaning cars is more of a maintenance technique. Heavy dirt is easier to clean using some water in the first place.

There’s no doubt about the fact that the waterless car washing industry is still in its infancy, but nevertheless it is fast and long lasting. However, there’s one thing that you should consider when choosing your product: beware of those who don’t recommend you dry-washing the car away from direct sun light exposure. It is most likely you’ve come across an oil-based formula that relies heavily on mineral spirits, petroleum distillates or other chemicals, which, by the way, won’t be listed on the packaging. While you think you are saving the planet, you are actually slowly killing it and yourself.

There are actually many differences between the various waterless car wash products out there. Here is one that won’t let you down under any circumstances. 

Eco Green Auto Clean Waterless Car WashAnton VanHappen founded Eco Green Auto Clean in 2010. He’s the one behind next-generation cleaning products that are nature friendly par excellence. This line of products is the result of thorough tests on more than 5,000 cars. Due to positive results he started selling his products both to industry and directly to consumers as well. The Eco Green products have been sold in over 100 countries, worldwide.

Van Happen opened the first Eco Green Auto Clean car wash in the San Francisco Bay Area, California USA, right in the heart of Silicon Valley, and clients positively received his initiative.

The thing is that besides using no water at all, thus bringing a strong contribution to saving our planet, the synthetic free products used at Eco Green Auto Clean don’t harm neither the user, nor the object it is being applied on. 

The most important thing is that about 50 gallons of water per automobile are thus saved instead of being wasted. It’s sad to think about all the droughty areas on our planet where people simply don’t have any water to drink, while others can’t afford it. It’s a harmful and unfair imbalance that we should always take into consideration. And stop wasting water is one thing we can start doing. It’s nice to have a clean car, but try doing so without affecting others. 

Did you know that the US is too beginning to have this problem regarding water shortage? In California, the current water shortage is among the main concerns. And such an issue not only affects the environment, but it causes inability to economically expand.

The Eco Green products do no harm to the environment, they protect your car, too and are fully biodegradable. Comparing the three most common car-cleaning methods available (hose and bucket wash, commercial car wash and waterless car wash), it’s strongly illustrated that Waterless Car Washing in general has the least environmental impact. It saves water, energy and chemicals and this adds up making a strong difference if you think of the millions of cars that are being washed every day.

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