5 Tips To Keep In Mind When Cleaning Leather Car Seats

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When it comes to car seats, there are many people that have fabric ones that can simply be cleaned using a vacuum attachment or car vacuum. However, for those that have leather car seats, a little more consideration is required. Cleaning leather car seats requires special care otherwise, you can cause damage to the leather, and this can affect the appearance of your seats. When you have leather seating in your car, it adds a touch of plush luxury as well as a beautiful aesthetic finish to your vehicle’s interior. However, in order to keep these seats looking good, you need to ensure you keep certain factors in mind when cleaning leather car seats.

What Are the Benefits of Leather Car Seats?

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When you have leather car seats, you can enjoy a range of benefits. These seats look really stylish and luxurious, which makes the interior of your car look really plush. In addition, these seats are designed to last, which means you can enjoy the hard-wearing properties of leather. When you have leather seats, you can also look forward to enhanced comfort, which is great whether you are driving the vehicle or whether you are a passenger.

Why Must You Be Careful When Cleaning Leather Car Seats?

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The one thing you need to do is exercise caution when it comes to cleaning leather car seats. It is vital that you are careful when it comes to the product you use as well as the techniques used when cleaning leather car seats otherwise you could cause irreparable damage or damage that costs a small fortune to put right.

Important Considerations When Cleaning Leather Car Seats

There are various vital considerations you need to keep in mind when it comes to cleaning leather car seats. This will make it easier for you to protect the material of the seats, maintain their aesthetic appeal, and avoid the need to spend money on getting the damage repaired. Some key points to keep in mind when cleaning leather car seats include:

  • Check for Damage Prior to Cleaning Leather Car Seats

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One thing to remember about leather upholstery is that it can become damaged and ripped. Sometimes, you may not even notice as the damage may be minimal. However, this is something you need to make yourself aware of before you start cleaning leather car seats. Before you start cleaning leather car seats, you need to make sure you run a check over all the seats to ensure there is no damage. If there are areas that are perforated or slit, it is important to avoid getting liquid inside them. Check all the leather seats in the vehicle to see whether there are any split or perforated areas that could cause problems when using a liquid cleaner on them.

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  • Vacuum Up the Debris

Before you start using any cleaning products on your leather car seats, you need to get rid of the dust and debris that accumulates on them over time. In order to do this, you can use the upholstery attachment on your regular vacuum cleaner, or you can use a specialist car vacuum cleaner, which you can purchase online or at a range of stores.


Make sure you vacuum each of the seats thoroughly and get into the cracks and gaps so that all dirt and debris is lifted. By doing this, you will ensure the leather is properly prepared for a good clean without spreading dust and debris around. You can consider using an air compressor so that any dust caught in the seat cracks can be blown out with greater ease.

  • Get Rid of Surface Grime FROM THE LEATHER

One thing you need to bear in mind about leather is that it can accumulate a lot of surface grime. If you have not cleaned the leather seats for a while, you need to make sure you remove this grime as part of the cleaning process. You may be able to actually see the layer of surface grime on the upholstery, but even if you can’t, it doesn’t mean it is not there.

The last thing you want to do is leave unseen sticky patches and ground in the grime on the leather, so the first step to take is to use a microfiber towel with a little cleaner on it and run it over each of the seats. You can use a leather cleaner or mild leather soap to do this. You can also make your own cleaner with one part white vinegar and two parts linseed oil, which can then be put into a spray bottle.


  • Using a Brush with Soft Bristles


When it comes to cleaning leather car seats, make sure you have a brush with soft bristles that you can use. If your seats are not damaged or perforated, you can spray your cleaning solution directly onto the leather to get them clean. However, it is always best to test the solution you use on a tiny, inconspicuous patch first, particularly if you are using a commercial product that you have never tried before.

This will enable you to do a patch test to ensure that it will not cause any problems with the leather. If the patch test goes well, you can then use it properly on your leather car seats. Using the brush will help to ensure that dirt is brought to the surface so it can be removed properly. However, if your leather is damaged or perforated, it is best to spray the cleaning solution onto the brush bristles rather than directly onto the leather seating.

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  • Wiping the Dirt from the Seats

Once you have used your cleaning solution and the brush to bring all dirt and grime to the surface, you should then use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe away the solution and the dirt. You should see oil, grime, and dirt on the cloth as you wipe the seats over. Make sure you replace the cloth for a clean one once it gets dirty otherwise you will just end up rubbing grime back into the seats as you clean them off. Be sure to get the cloth into all the nooks and crannies, so there is no solution or dirt left in the cracks of the seats.

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  • Using a Conditioner on Your Seats

While the above tips will help to ensure you get your leather car seats nice and clean, you can also go a step further and condition the leather upholstery for an even more fabulous finish. You should invest in a leather conditioner of high quality and avoid ones that contain wax, silicone, or petroleum. The purpose of using the conditioner is to restore the natural oils in your seats without leaving any greasy residue. This is why you need to choose a high-quality product with the right ingredients.


Again, as with the cleaner, you should make sure you do a patch test on your upholstery before plastering your seats with the conditioner. This will ensure you have purchased the right product, and that it is suited to your leather upholstery. You will have the peace of mind that the conditioner will not cause damage to your leather or cause any discoloration.

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Once you are happy with the conditioner, all you need to do is apply it to your leather seats and then use a clean microfiber cloth to rub it into the leather. Don’t overdo it why applying conditioner as otherwise, it could leave a film or residue on your seats. Make sure you check the directions on the product to find out exactly how much to use. Once you have rubbed it in, check how long you need to leave it on for it to sink into the leather, as this can vary from one product to another. After the required time, you can then use another clean, dry cloth to wipe away any excess conditioner and to buff gently the seats and leave the leather in fantastic condition.


With the right care and cleaning, you can keep your car leather seats in great condition for years to come. You should make sure you give them a light clean on a regular basis to stop the buildup of dirt and grime. However, also make sure you give them a deep clean and conditioning from time to time in order to keep them looking and feeling great. These products will even help to keep the leather in your car smelling great.

As with any leather furniture, your leather car seats need special care and attention if you want to make the most of them. Making sure you use the right cleaning products and that you take extra care when cleaning them will help to keep them looking great. You can then enjoy the luxury and style that comes with having leather upholstery in your vehicle without having to worry about costly repairs, dirty seats, or surface grime putting passengers off getting into your vehicle.

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