What’s The Advantage Of Using Microfiber Towels On Cars?

microfiber wash cloth

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A cleaning product that has become increasingly popular among auto wash operators is microfiber towels. They make a car washer’s job more productive, as well as faster and easier. In fact, it won’t be far-fetched to say that they are a magical product for cleaning. It is, therefore, not surprising that many car owners are also resorting to using such towels to clean their own vehicles. There are many benefits of using towels made of microfibers, aside from just making your car look shiny and sparkly. But, what are microfiber towels? Let us begin by knowing more about this wonderful and innovative cleaning product, and see how it can benefit you.

Types of Microfiber Towels

Microfiber Towels

A microfiber is a combination of two fibers, namely polyamide (which is a nylon byproduct) and polyester. This makes a microfiber a continuous filament fiber. The interlocking composition of polyamide and polyester makes microfiber efficient at collecting dirt, establishing it as a unique product.

The two fibers separate when the towel is being used due to surface tension difference. This creates tiny sharp grooves, gullies and edges perfect for retention of particles, moisture capillary action and cleaning. The scoops or hooks clean up the dirt. It is stored in small channels. This is why the use of such towels does not require any chemicals. The following are the different types of microfiber towels available.

70/30 and 80/20

Towels made of microfibers are usually a blend of 70 percent polyester and 30 percent polyamide, or 80 percent polyester and 20 percent polyamide. With the advancement of technology, the performance developed by both kinds of towels is nearly identical. The 70/30 kind is mainly produced in Europe and the 80/20 is majorly produced in Asia.

Split and Non-Split Microfiber Fabrics

There are two kinds of fabrics made from microfibers, split and non-split. Split ones are usually used for making cleaning towels. Non-split microfibers are used for manufacturing shirts or furniture upholstery. They do not have cleaning properties.


The quality of towels made from microfibers is based on their weight. The best products are those that weigh 400 grams per square meter and above. This is followed by towels that weigh 250 and 280, with those that weigh 200 just making it into the good quality bracket. The weight determines the duration it will take for the towel to show signs of wear and tear.

How to Use Microfiber Towels on Cars

cleaning car

The high absorbency of microfiber towels makes them ideal for cleaning cars. It is no wonder that auto shops use these towels for detailing, cleaning and washing. They do not scratch the paint on vehicles or result in lint. This makes microfiber towels ideal for both polishing and drying cars. Such towels can also withstand many repeated washes, scrubbing and heavy-duty use. You can use them for both wet and dry cleaning tasks related to cars.


The static charge of microfibers makes the towels just right for trapping or collecting dust from both the exterior and interior of a car. They do not leave a dust track or streak around. You can take such a towel and easily wipe down the surface of the car, the glass, windows, and even the interiors for a sparkling and dust-free car.


Microfiber towels also work well to keep the interiors of a car bacteria free as the fibers trap bacteria. Use the towels to wipe the steering wheel and dry-mop the floor of the car.


The tiny fibers of these towels can remove the hardest dirt mark, especially those that result from mud splashes, from your car. Wet the towel slightly to help clean up a really stubborn mess, and then scrub away the surface without having to worry about chipping the paint.


Towels that are made with microfibers are great for making the windows and glasses of your car streak-free, sparkly and shiny. You do not even have to wet the towel to achieve such an effect.

Wet Wash

These towels can also be used wet to clean even the dirtiest part of the car-the wheels, in addition to all the other parts of the cars. You can use them to clean everything from the windshield wipers to the side glass. Once you are done using the towel for a wet wash, you can take another towel made of microfibers to pat dry the car. This way, there are no watermarks left behind, and the car looks fresh and clean. 


Microfiber towels are created with nylon and polyester that can buff out wax. They are also slightly electrostatic. Such properties mean that they can remove more wax and help in speeding up the process of waxing your car. In comparison, traditional cotton cleaning clothes usually push out wax when they reach maximum absorbency, leading to more mess instead of a cleaner surface.

Benefits of Cleaning with Microfiber Towels

Microfiber Towels

Whether you are using a towel made of microfibers for wiping, mopping, scrubbing or polishing your car, the list of advantages goes on.

Enhanced Cleaning

Every inch of such a towel contains over 200,000 fibers. This means that their absorbing quality is seven times stronger than those of other cleaning cloths. Traditional towels and rags are not effective in picking up every bit of residue or dirt. Towels made from microfibers are proven to be 98.9 percent more effective in getting rid of bacteria when compared to the 92 percent effectiveness of traditional cleaning cloths. Cotton mops and rags that are normally used for cleaning cars are too large and clumsy to trap all the germs and dirts or deep clean. One of the best parts of cleaning with microfiber towels is that they will not scratch the paint, glass or mirrors of your expensive and beloved car.

Environmentally Friendly

Microfiber towels can be used without wetting them or using cleaning detergents and agents that have a toxic nature. Furthermore, the harmful and toxic chemicals can get into the soil when water drips down from the car. Towels made of microfibers do not depend on cleaning agents or water to show their best performance. This allows for chemical and water-free cleaning. Such properties make the towels environmental friendly. Even if water is required to get rid of a stubborn mess on the cars, much less is needed in comparison to what traditional cleaning cloths take up.

Cost Effective

Though the initial cost of buying towels created with microfibers may be more expensive than buying traditional mops and cleaning clothes, in the long run they are more cost effective. They can be used efficiently for a longer time than their traditional counterparts. This means that you do not have to replace them frequently due to wear and tear. You will also end up spending less on all the cleaning agents and detergents that are otherwise needed to augment the performance of traditional cleaning cloths.

Promote a Germ-Free Interior

Microfiber mops and towels can lower bacteria by approximately 99 percent, according to a study conducted by the Davis Medical Center, University of California. In comparison, cotton towels and cleaning cloths used for cars can reduce bacteria by only 30 percent. A car is a place where bacteria and germs can remain trapped and from where they can spread further. The sole of the shoes can bring in bacteria-laden dirt and they fall off and remain on the floor of the cars. The germs can multiply in the hot environment of the car, especially when it remains parked.

All of this can have serious outcomes in the long run. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that your car is not a germ-spreading or contaminated place. Towels made of microfibers can be helpful for cleaning out harmful germs and bacteria. They can make your car a safe place that does not compromise with your health.


Since microfiber mops and towels do not depend on toxic chemical agents to give optimum performance, they are also beneficial for your health. Cleaning agents with high levels of toxic chemicals are usually necessary when cleaning with traditional cloths. These are sometimes related to long-term health effects such as hormone disruption and cancer. Short-term negative effects of cleaning detergents could be skin and eye irritation. People who suffer from asthma or allergies can also react to such detergents when used in large quantities for cleaning the car. Towels made from microfibers are hypoallergenic, making them safe for people with asthma and allergies.


Microfiber technology and cleaning cloths could be included among the most important innovations in the cleaning industry within the past few decades. It also helps people to do their part in preserving environmental resources and keeping the environment safe. Cleaning your car with microfiber towels means less emission of chemical waste and conservation of water. In addition, cleaning with such towels will contribute to your car looking brand new.

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