10 Car Cleaning Hacks That You Might Not Have Thought Of

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Car Cleaning Hacks

A clean and organized life is a happier life. While this may or may not be a proven fact a highly educated doctor or therapist, someplace has proven, it’s a simple concept to understand that organizing and cleaning your car can make your life a little less stressful. Imagine getting into your car each morning to find it clean and organized rather than cluttered, dirty, and filled with stuff you never bothered to remove. These simple car cleaning hacks can make it easier for you to get and maintain a clean car, so you always feel a little more in control of your own life.

It’s easy to see how your car becomes a mess. The kids drop crumbs. They leave behind toys. Trash it thrown haphazardly on the floor or shoved into the nearest cupholder or console space. Your car is like your home. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when it’s messy and unorganized because it is a frequent surrounding. You’re in your car all the time, and it can stress you out to drive a messy vehicle. It’s time to learn how to clean it from top to bottom, and how to make sure it doesn’t return to its previous state.

Cleaning Hacks For Your Car’s Interior


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The simplest tip to maintain a clean car interior is to keep a trash bag in your car for easy cleanup. A stash of grocery bags or small trash bags in the console makes it easy for you to bring one out on long trips or even your every day right. Hand it to the kids to throw their trash away anytime they are done with their food or activities. Throw the bag away when you get home, and you have no more trash in your car. Do this every day, and you have a cleaner car. These car cleaning hacks only help maintain a cleaner ride.

Buy A Makeup Brush For Vents

Makeup Brush

Photo credited by: alviremi.com

Vents are dirty, but your makeup brush is small enough to get inside those small slats and clean out dust and other debris. Keep a brush in the car strictly for this purpose and use it every week to clean your vents. It takes a few minutes, but the results are worth the time.

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Use Olive Oil on the Dash

Olive Oil

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For a shiny and clean dashboard, try olive oil on an old towel. Dashboards spend a lot of time in the direct sunlight, which means they are prone to drying out and becoming cracked. By using olive oil once or twice a month, your dash gets the moisture it needs. Try this once or twice a month to make your car look cleaner, and also to help it last longer.

Keep a Small Vacuum in the Garage

Small VAcuum

Photo credited by: walmart.com 

If you don’t have a small Shop Vac, it’s time to get one. You can leave it plugged into the wall in your garage near where you park, so it’s always on hand. The easiest way to keep your car looking and feeling cleaner is to spend a minute or two running the vacuum over your carpets and seats every two or three days. It takes 30 seconds to run the vacuum over the backseat floorboards and seats, and it takes another 30 seconds to move it and do the same in the front.

It’s easier to spend a minute or two every few days running the vacuum over the floors and seats than it does to spend a half hour every couple weeks running the vacuum over neglected floors. The cleaner your floors stay, the easier they are to maintain. This also helps prevent stains from setting into the carpet leaving you with an even bigger mess.

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Exterior Car Cleaning Hacks

It’s not easy to keep the exterior of a vehicle clean with all the damage that occurs driving down the road. Rainwater, puddles, dirt, mud, and road construction make it impossible to keep the exterior of your vehicle clean, but that’s another story. These car cleaning hacks are designed to help you keep the exterior of your car clean by focusing on the details once the body of your car is washed, dried, and cleaned.

Use Toothpaste on Lights

Tooth Paste

Photo credited by: bogoten.com

Over time, headlights tend to fog. The fog can make your car appear older and dirtier, but it’s not something you’re forced to live with. You can handle this problem by simply using toothpaste to remove the cloudy, foggy stains on the front of your lights. If you can catch the foggy look early, you can remove it completely. For more discolored and foggy lights, you might not be able to clean them entirely, but you can dramatically improve the look.

Rubbing Alcohol on Wiper Blades

Alcohol on Blades

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Your wiper blades can give you problems if they smudge, but rubbing them with rubbing alcohol after cleaning them can prevent this problem. Preventing smears not only keeps your car looking better, but it also prevents you from finding your view obstructed. It’s a safety hazard.

Use Dryer Sheets on The Front

Dry Sheets

Photo credited by: bogoten.com

Bugs are a problem. They hit the car; they make a mess, and they dry quickly. It’s not easy to remove the remnants of a dead bug that lost its life while your car was traveling 75 miles per hour down the interstate thanks to excessive force. However, a dryer sheet can help you remove the bugs from your grille easily, and it doesn’t damage your paint. Bugs, on the other hand, do damage your paint if they are left on the car for any length of time.

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How to Organize and Maintain a Clean Car

Organization is the key to maintaining a clean car. There are several car cleaning hacks you can use to make sure your vehicle never stresses you out again. Aside from leaving trash bags in the car to collect unwanted items, here are a few other car cleaning hacks you can use to make your car a happier place to spend your commute.

Buy Cupcake Liners

Cupcake Liners

Photo credited by: wheels24.co.za

You can use cupcake liners for more than just a tasty treat. Place cupcake liners in each of your cup holders. This helps prevent the cup holders from becoming filled with water, crumbs, and dust. It’s difficult to get into those holders to clean and preventing a mess from occurring in the first place is much simpler. Replace them every week, or anytime they are a mess. Your car will always feel cleaner this way.

Organize Must-Haves in the Back

Back Car

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Washer fluid, jumper cables, umbrellas, and towels are all the items you need in your car, but that doesn’t mean they need to look like a mess in the back. Buy a small plastic container or use a box to keep these items organized and in their place. Your trunk looks cleaner and more organized, and you don’t have items rolling all over the place every time the car turns.

Keep an Emergency Kit

Emergency Kit

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In addition to a first aid kit in the car, you should keep a few items in the console for emergencies. A few Q-Tips makes it easy for you to clean small, hard to reach places in the car if there is a spill. Towels are great for wiping down the doors, and your body, after a hard rain that leaves drops on everything. Baby wipes clean up spills and remove any sticky messes the kids create in the back or even the mess your coffee makes when the barista overfills your cup, and it leaks in and around your cup holders.

Makeup Travel Hanger

Makeup Hanger

Photo credited by: lasa-electronics.co.za

If you have kids or you carry many items in the car, keep them organized in a travel bag meant for toiletries. You can hang it over the back of your passenger seat to organize DVDs the kids watch, books, toys, and their personal items. You can also buy a smaller one to keep in the glove compartment with your important documents, your maintenance manual, and your insurance information. Keeping it organized makes life easier.


Keeping your car clean involves a little time up front. Once your car is clean, however, maintaining it is much easier. Each of these car cleaning hacks is one you may not have considered in the past, and each one is designed to make your car cleaner, more organized, and easier to manage. Your mind is clearer and your day runs smoother when your life is organized and easy to manage. If you don’t think your car is part of your everyday life, you are mistaken.

You spend a great deal of time in your car, and it’s important it makes you feel good when you get inside. Another quick tip to make it even more enjoyable is to find a great scent for your car. Car air fresheners can overpower, so consider placing a few drops of your favorite essential oil on a wooden clothespin and pinning it to an air vent that’s out of the way and unnoticeable. It keeps your car fresh, and it’s not overpowering.

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